Terms of Use and Submission Guideline

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Tutorials are the copyright of Tutzor.com and their authors; you may not publish, sell or distribute the tutorials in any way. You are allowed to link to Tutzor’s tutorials from your own website; if you are a tutorial directory site, please feel free to link to our tutorials.

Some tutorials have photographs or images from free stock photo web sites or these photographs or images have been purchased from paid stock photo web sites. These photos are used only to show you how to achieve certain effects in Photoshop. You are not allowed to sell or distribute these photos as they are the copyright of their respective owners and/or web sites.

You may use any and all techniques demonstrated in all Tutzor’s tutorials in your own work.

Tutorial And Goodies Acceptance

To protect the quality of tutorials presented on Tutzor.com, please conform to the following submission guidelines below.

Conforming to submission guidelines does not entitle your work to be published.

We only accept tutorials that conform to the site's submission guidelines and our tutorial/goodies needs at the time of submisson.

If we learn that a tutorial or portions of a tutorial have been plagiarized, we will remove the tutorial from the site. If we learn that source images have bee plagariazed, we will remove the tutorial from the site.

Submission Guidelines

Tutzor.com retains the right to alter these submission guidelines at any time and without notice to you. That said, we're reasonable.

Basic Submission Guidelines

Guideline 1: Your Work Must Be Original

  • Your tutorial must be your original work and not published anywhere else, in web or in print.
  • Your tutorial may appear only on tutzor.com once you submit it.

We're doing this to protect ourselves and you.

Guideline 2: We Can Edit Your Tutorial Prior To Publishing

We may or may not inform you that we are editing your tutorial. Generally, tutorials will be edited for pacing, structure, clarity, or content.

When we edit your work, we do so to try to make you look as good as possible (since that reflects kindly on us). We may also collaborate with you on editing your tutorial; we want it to be really good, too.

Guideline 3: Make Your Tutorial Organized

You must provide a PSD file of a tutorial, along with named and organized layers. It doesn't have to be much, but an outside reader should be able to understand your PSD, with or without reading the tutorial.

Guideline 3.5: Name Your Images and PSD the same thing

Your submitted images and psd must use the same name and/or naming convention. For example, if you name your psd:


All your images must be named:

creating-sky-01.jpg, creating-sky-02.jpgcreating-sky-03.jpg, etc.

You may submit up to 25 steps with any tutorial with any tutorial form.

If you use more than 25 steps, please create one tutorial with steps 1 to 25 (with the name followed by "Part 1"; for example, Creating Sky – Part 1) and another tutorial with steps 26-50 (in our example, Creating Sky – Part 2).

Do not create tutorials with more than 50 steps. 50 or more steps can be quite difficult to follow; you may want break your tutorial up into several, smaller steps to make sure that people can understand everything you are trying to accomplish with your tutorial.

Guideline 4: File Sizes and Uploading

When uploading files, please upload 1 at a time. If the upload isn't working, let us know. We don't bite. Hard.

Please compress your PSDs. More people can use them/download them if they are smaller.

Note: Since PSDs are large files, uploading process may take few minutes to hours depending your connection speed.

Please keep your psd files as small as you can. We recommend you use 600px width; if you need to make your PSD larger, explain why at the beginning of your post.

(For example, if you're showing us how to make a wallpaper, you should probably have a width larger than 600 pixels.)

Guideline 5: Don’t Be Offensive

  • No pornography or pornography-related tutorials will be accepted. We'll decide what is offensive, too.

What Do I Need To Submit A Tutorial?

Your tutorial should have:

  • A sample PSD file for people to download
  • Step-by-step images, which show what you are doing.
  • Explanations below each image. Try to keep your explanations concise (being witty helps, too).
  • A title relevant to the technique or specific cool thing you are showing us how to do.
  • Links to any images that are not your property.

Image Sources and Photos

If you’re going to submit a tutorial that will use photos (which you should), here are the things that you need to know:

Don't ...

  • Do not use images from Google Image or images taken from another web site.
  • Do not use images from Flickr unless they have a Creative Commons License for Commercial Use. In this case, you must provide an attribution link back to the Flickr page you found the image on.  Note: you can find CC Licensed Commercial images on Flickr using their Advanced Search feature.

Some Things To Do:

  • Do use images you have created or photographed yourself.
  • Do use images from free stock sites like SXC.hu and StockVault.net. It is your responsibility to check the rights on the photos you use. Sometimes you need to ask permission from the photographer. We need to get this permission from the photographer in order for you to include the image on our website.
  • If you use images from a stockphoto site like iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, etc., then you are free to use the images in your screenshots, but in the PSD file you need to use a watermark over the image as they do in the previews on their sites. In other words you can purchase a stock image to use, but in the sample PSD file you can’t be distributing the whole image (because the photographer isn’t receiving a royalty from the sale of the sample PSD file)
  • Please include links to the source of any images you have used in your tutorial, wherever the image has been used. If you do not include your image sources your tutorial will not be accepted, because we need to verify that the file is okay for us to post. Thank you for taking the time to make sure the photos are OK: it helps protect the site, the photographer, and yourself!

Compensation For Tutorials

Tutorials may or may not be monetarily compensated. All users who submit a tutorial that is published will have a link back to their website with desired anchor text.

Furthermore, repeated high-quality tutorials will have featured articles about the author, with additional links to the author's website.