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So you think you are a freelancer? That's great! I have good news for you all! The three most essentials elements of freelancing are : Time keeping, Client management, Invoicing. The people at Thrive Solo has come up with a brilliant solution which combined all the three elements under one roof.

Regardless of your freelancing journey, whether you just started or a veteran, these three elements are the less exciting parts of your workflow. I am freelancer, too. Usually, I have to turn to 3rd party software for time keeping, another software such as basecamp to manage client information, and invoice machine for invoicing.

The platform at solo thrive is really slick, intuitive and easy to use! They must have spent a great deal of time doing their homework to make sure the user experience is as painless as possible. Great Layout, too! Thrive solo website is a perfect example of balancedly designed website, where at one side displays clean slick design, and the other is focussed on usability and user experience.

Some of the features I like most are easy to read time line graphs, it allows you to track your progress or how much time you have put in, in a glance. Built in calendar for project planning and estimates, make everything as simple as it can be. If you are a mac user, you are going to feel at home because of its simplicity. And you can import the calendar with your iCal or outlook.

Check them out at http://www.thrivesolo.com! Cheers!
- Joko


Steve G


I agree, great article! With Solo everything you need to manage a design business in is one place. - Beautiful look. - Everything is very intensive E.g. Being able to send invoices from Solo itself. - All content you've put in for a project shows up easily. You don't have to dig.