Tutzor Glossary

What the heck is goodie?

A goodie is something free for you to use in your future design work or a photoshop tutorial.

A goodie could be:

  • A new set of photoshop brushes
  • A set of icons
  • A great stockphoto
  • A wallpaper base

All tutzor.com goodies.

What the heck is a tutorial?

A tutorial is a step-by-step, photo-illustrated post on our website that teaches you how to do something related to design or photoshop.

Tutzor.com divides tutorials into several different categories, based on what the level of difficulty, techniques used, and subject matter created.

We have three levels of tutorials:

  • Basic Photoshop Tutorials are known as "Basic." These tutorials show photoshop basics and fundamental techniques.
  • Advanced Photoshop Tutorials are known "Advanced." These tutorials show how to use photoshop in a more complex way. Usually, advanced tutorials are much longer, much more difficult and much more precise than basic photoshop tutorials.
  • Atypical Photoshop Tutorials are a little stranger. They're not basic and they're not advanced; they're just different. Learn how to use photoshop in ways you weren't aware of with our atypical photoshop tutorials.

What is that gold star I keep seeing?

Tutorials that are really good or really useful are recognized by a gold star, which means that they're an Editor's Choice Photoshop Tutorial. Check them out: they're well-written, well-documented, or have a specific techinque we think is useful to know.

Why is there a pink banner that says "Fresh?"

Because that tutorial is fresh — that means the tutorial is less than 30 days old. It's a new tutorial, so we think you should check it out!