Interview with Seiorai

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May 2010

Once in a while, I sit down with our top photoshop tutorial contributors to find out more about themselves. Many people have asked me about how you become a designer. This time we got an opportunity to ask these question to Seiorai. She is the creative genius behind Starwars Themed media player and Grunge Themed website.

Quite an impressive portfolio you've got there! So much details in your work. So, tell me a little about yourself:

1.Who you are

Hi there, I'm Alice :)
Umm..about me. Photoshop addict (duh) , fashion designer wannabe, loves travelling and learning foreign languages, believes Atlantis existed....wait what else :P

Tutzor: Of course Atlantis exists!

2. Where You From?

The Land of Photoshop o.o
Kidding, I'm from Romania xD

Tutzor: Aah! Romania! It seems that country is blessed with great talented artists! Most of our own tutorials are actually originated from Romania!

3. How Long You've Been Doing Photoshop?

Me and Photoshop met about 5 years ago. A mutual friend introduced us xD
At first we didn't fancy each other much but one day in February we started dating...turned into a romance huh? :P

Tutzor: lol! You have a great sense of humor!

4. Whats Your Background?

First, when I started drawing, it was mostly anime (I am wondering just for HOW many people Sailor Moon meant the beginning of their artlife) ...and it stuck for a few years xD

Tutzor: Anime! I didn't know anime is popular in Romania! That's really cool! I can see the corelation between your work and anime. Very well done.

Moved on slowly to more realistic art, after which I saw Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (must've been in 2003 or 2004) and made up my mind to go for 3D art. Tried it with Bryce&Poser but wasn't thrilled since they offered a limited range of customization (or better said, I didn't know at the time how to make them work haha) Then Photoshop came on stage....

Tutzor: Oh really? That's amazing that you stick with photoshop to do 3d works. Most people choose 3D Max or Maya. Yay for us!

5. Your Website

Since I didn't have time to set up my own site yet (or wait I did but then preferred to draw somehting haha..^^; ) I'll just link you to my DevArt portfolio :) I hang around DA a lot, especially in the emoticonists community and in the Groups I moderate so it is like my online "home" anyway.

So yeah, feel free to pay a visit ^^ my site at deviant art.

Tutzor: Yeah, guys! Support Alice and check out her work!

6. What Is Your Inspiration?

Everyone seems to ask this question, but really...I can't give an answer, sorry xD

There isn't one source of inspiration, there are so many. It can be another design (digital or traditional) or it can be something completely separated from art, like...a minefield? I can't really pinpoint one source, it depends on the moment, on the lanscape, the mood, the music, the air...virtually anything can be THE next idea.

7. What Kind of Design You Like to Explore?

Any. I mean it xD

I don't really have time to explore much at the moment though, but if the opportunity arises I surely take it. In fact I think this is why design appeals so much to me, it is so very versatile and can transform from a painting to a tattoo then to a 3D model or a car design or a space art or photomanipulation continue xD

Also because, as opposed to other fields of work, you can easily blend multiple "sub-species" of design without problem. For example, a 3D render beautifully photomanipulated!

Tutzor: Thanks for your time! We are definitely looking forward to your awesome and cool Photoshop Tutorials!